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Friday, July 18, 2008

Leadership Beyond Boundaries Maps New Terrain

CCL conducted a second GVOL Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) train-the-trainer (ToT) program at its Greensboro campus in late June/early July, 2008.

Twelve teachers, trainers, and coaches from the US, India, and Caribbean attended the training to learn a new two-day program titled Leadership Essentials and absorb the CCL way of facilitating leadership development. The new trainers then delivered the two-day Essentials program to nearly 60 participants from the local community via 5 concurrent programs the following week.

The Leadership Essentials model is designed to be a leadership program that can be delivered at a low cost and with minimal amenities. It uses self-score instruments rather than 360-degree assessments and flipcharts in place of PowerPoint. The participants in the ToT program plan to use the Essentials model to provide leadership development to people in nonprofits, government, schools, churches, and prisons.

The LBB program is one of a number of CCL initiatives that are designed to make leadership development more affordable and accessible. The LBB program will be delivered by CCL in Ethiopia in July and in India in August.